Female Multiple Orgasms

Female Multiple Orgasm Picture

Female Multiple Orgasm Picture

Female multiple orgasm can be a difficult topic to handle because so many women think that they’re incapable of having them.

The truth is that all women have the inherent biological capacity to achieve more than one climax. It’s just that not all of them have the experience or recognize the natural potential.

Once your partner has her first orgasm, that should make it easier (and more intimate) for her to maintain and escalate her arousal by transitioning into a cool-down bonding time of cuddling and kissing, before moving into g-spot stimulating intercourse, oral sex or continued manual stimulation (fingering).

That said there are some pretty good selling points regarding female multiple orgasms. First off, it’s actually easier for your lover to experience her second (or third or fourth) orgasm because her engines are already primed.

She’s relaxed, aroused, sexually sensitive and responsive.

As I’ve already mentioned, most women are naturally (and quite often obliviously) multiple orgasmic. If she can cum once, she can almost positively do it again (some women can have as many as 50 consecutive orgasms!)

Right after the orgasm, her clitoris will be very sensitive, so you want to allot a few moments of a “break” before stimulating her again. Additionally, keeping things slow can help you cool off a bit and help you to last longer and regain some of your strength and stamina.

At this point, move into cuddling and kissing, where the both of you can take a break from the action…but…keep the palm of your hands covering her entire genital area. As you’re kissing, you can start to rub her vulva slowly with the palm of your hands.

If she pushes you away, then, it’s too soon to move back in.

However, is she moans, presses her genitals against your palms, or any other sign that what you’re doing is making her feel good, then you know you can move back to stimulating her again.